Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Surprise RAK

Earlier this year i was lucky enought to win a contest on Sharon - daffycats blog for some hand dyed fabric, it was gorgeous.

As i now had her address in my book, i thought she might like a surprise RAK bunny. This little lady travelled over the pond and has been christened 'Merry'

Julie x

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Young & trendy!

The letter that accompanied Rose the internet bride stated that Seymore's request for a young and trendy bride had not been accepted, and he was sent the motherly and matronly type!! another crafting lady wondered what a 'young and trendy' might have looked like, so brain cells and knitting pins into overdrive and Blossom was created and sent to Christine for her to see LOL
A bunny with attitude....
Julie x

A bride for Seymore

Seymore was sent an internet bride!! Motherly and matronly Miss Rose

As soon as he arrived in the South, a wedding took place, the happy couple are here enjoying a little drink toasting their happiness and wedding pics in the garden

Dartmoor, UK was the place they honeymooned!!!!