Monday, 21 December 2009

A spy and a couple of babies

You know that old saying 'breeding like rabbits' well it looks like Seymour & Rose took Rachaels advice and started a family. The stork delivered these two little treasures this week. Barb has named them Millie and Maisie and she has a super pic of the family together on her blog.

Angi (no blog) was one of the first ladies i met when i joined the cyber stitchy world and last week she celebrated her birthday. She's been a memeber of my UFO group at Stitch and Stash since it began and has this year completed a project that i know she has had in her stash for well over 5 years. As a reward i decided to send her a special spy from Mr Stick, the resident prodder, (oooo i mean encourager) to help her complete any other UFO projects she might have hiding in her home, i named him 'Barker' - no excuse now Angi for not stitching on Tuesday nights LOL

That mad and crazy woman has been at the knitting pins again .....